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1 day cruise customers views

Here is what customers are saying about our staff and agents

Dear Mr. Jay Taylor
I will give you a bit of history -- I have four teen children and two of those children will graduation from High School this year and for a Grad Present my husband and I have decided to send the kids back to the Bahamas where we purchased a time share when we visited there in July 2003. Because our time share can accommodate 8 people we have agreed the kids could bring 4 of their friends so in total I have planned flights from Edmonton Alberta Canada to Ft. Lauderdale and then a cruise from Ft. Lauderdale -- return. for 6 kids. Its been interesting and exciting.

I have to say Glynda has been the most help I could have ever hoped for. She, even when I was unsure of what I should do, was always pleasant, patient and accommodating, and trust me when at times I truly wasn't sure because I was trying to keep the cost down to $1000.00 Canadian dollars for each traveler. I am so pleased with the way this trip has materialized and Glynda has answered so many of my questions and concerns. She filled me in on everything the kids would require to make their trip the best experience possible in respect to documents etc. I have two 17 year old traveling and I am so thankful she informed us of the Notary Letter requirement. My two kids have been on the discovery before and their friends are so excited just to be going and experiencing a Cruise Ship even if it is only for 5 hours. I truly think this will be such a wonderful memory for them and because of Glynda I have no apprehensions or concerns having them on the cruise ship without a parent there. I have full confidence in the discovery and their staff in making a memory that will certainly last a life time.

I thank you and I especially thank Glynda for accommodating me, the customer, and my children for their adventure.

I know its important to hear good things about your staff and not just the bad. I ask only that Glynda is recognized in some fashion for her dedication and loyalty to us the customer as well as her obvious dedication to Discovery!

Alice Wolfe
Wild Rows Pump Service
5109 - 62 Street Lloydminster,
AB T9V 2E3
Phone (780) 875-0650 * Fax (780) 875-0645


Dear DeeAnn:
Please send this on to your supervisor.

I am extremely grateful for your professional and helpful manner when making reservations on Discovery. You made the process so much easier and made me feel comfortable as well. I am so thrilled that I found Discovery (on the referral of someone who lives in Abaco). I am extremely afraid of flying and we were going to have to take Bahama air over to Freeport. I now am so excited about our vacation and I don't even mind the 4 1/2 drive from Palm Coast. Thanks so much for all of your help!


Patricia S. Quattromini
Palm Coast Banking Center Manager
Have a great day!


This is just a sample of the things said by our customers. Of course, I didn't put any of the complaints here, and we do get our share, but our customer service department is as good as our travel department, so we handle the complaints really well too.

At Your Service
Jay Taylor
VP Marketing
Discover Island Cruises

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