Bimini Ferry to Bahamas

Bimini Day Cruise $129 Miami to Bimini Ferry to Bahamas

Bimini Day Cruise $129 Miami to Bimini Ferry to Bahamas

One-Day Cruise from Miami to Bimini: Your Tropical Escape

Your Bimini Itinerary

  1. Transportation to Port:
    • Conveniently travel from your Miami location to Port Everglades cruise port in Fort Lauderdale.
    • Multiple transportation options are available.
  2. Departure from Port Everglades:
    • Time: 9:00 AM
    • Embarkation: Begins at 6:00 AM and ends at 8:00 AM (Don’t be late!)
  3. Arrival in Bimini, Bahamas:
    • Time: 11:00 AM
    • Enjoy 7 hours of sun, sand, and adventure!
  4. Departure from Bimini:
    • Time: 6:30 PM
    • Embarkation: Begins at 5:30 PM and ends at 6:15 PM
  5. Return to Port Everglades:
    • Time: 8:30 PM

Two-Night Cruise to Bimini Bahamas

Escape to Paradise: Your Two-Night Bimini Getaway

Tired of the same old weekend routine? Elevate your getaway with our exclusive two-night Bimini cruise package!

Your Bimini Weekend Itinerary:

  1. Friday Departure:
    • Set sail from Port Everglades in the afternoon aboard our comfortable cruise ship.
    • Enjoy the scenic journey as you cruise across the crystal-clear waters to Bimini.
  2. Bimini Arrival & Check-In:
    • Upon arrival, you’ll be transferred to your chosen accommodation – a charming hotel or a cozy Airbnb.
    • Unwind and settle in, ready to embrace the island’s laid-back vibes.
  3. Saturday & Sunday:
    • Island Exploration: Explore Bimini’s pristine beaches, vibrant culture, and local flavors at your own pace.
    • Activities Galore: Dive into snorkeling, fishing, kayaking, or simply relax by the pool.
    • Nightlife: Experience Bimini’s lively bars and restaurants.
  4. Sunday Departure:
    • Check out of your accommodation and head back to the cruise port for your return journey.
    • Relish the memories of your Bimini adventure as you cruise back to Port Everglades.

Why Choose Our Two-Night Bimini Getaway?

  • Flexibility: Choose from a variety of hotels or Airbnb to suit your budget and preferences.
  • Convenience: We handle the transportation and accommodation arrangements, so you can focus on relaxation.
  • Value: Get the best of both worlds – a cruise experience and an island escape – at an affordable price.
Bimini Day Cruise $129 Miami to Bimini Ferry to Bahamas trolly to Fishermans village

Book Your Two-Night Bimini Escape Now!

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to experience Bimini’s beauty and charm.
Contact us at 954-969-0069 or visit our website to explore our package options and secure your reservation today!

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Travel Documents: What You Need

  • Proof of Citizenship: Required for all passengers.
  • U.S. Citizens: A valid passport is the recommended form of identification.
  • Immigration Card: Must be filled out by all passengers. Remember to surrender your copy before leaving Bimini.

Bimini Adventures: Things to Do

Explore the vibrant underwater world and soak up the island’s charm:

  • Scuba Diving & Snorkeling: Discover Bimini’s renowned coral reefs and marine life.
  • Swim with Dolphins: An unforgettable experience with these gentle creatures.
  • Shark Encounters: Snorkel alongside these fascinating predators (safely, of course!).
  • Kayaking & Paddleboarding: Enjoy a tranquil exploration of Bimini’s coastline.
  • Fishing: Cast your line for a chance to reel in big game fish.

Don’t Miss:

  • Shipwreck Snorkeling: Explore the famous Bimini shipwreck up close.
  • Neal Watson’s Bimini Scuba Center: Dive with a legend and try various water sports.
  • Bimini Undersea: Embark on a dolphin excursion for incredible photo opportunities.

Book Your Bimini Day Cruise Today!

Call us at 954-969-0069 or visit our website for package information and rates. Your tropical adventure awaits!

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Bimini cruise, weekend getaway to Bimini, Bimini vacation packages, two-night Bimini cruise, things to do in Bimini.

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